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Two more defendants plead guilty in 2013 Tyler Motel murder
Lawrence, Massachusetts
TYLER (KYTX) -- Two defendants in a 2013 murder pleaded guilty and avoided a trial Friday.
August 22 2014
Tennessee sets 11th execution date for condemned
The Tennessee Supreme Court on Tuesday set an execution date for a man convicted in the 1991 burning death of his ex-girlfriend.
August 22 2014
Juvenile Murder Trial to Begin in Sept.
South Dakota
A South Dakota judge set some ground rules as to what evidence will be allowed in an upcoming murder trial.
August 22 2014
With little hesitation this time, as Carbondale restaurateur Fredy Cabrera listened carefully during a court hearing this morning to the judge’s instructions regarding a plea agreement, and responded that he understood the consequences of accepting the deal.
August 22 2014
Small Plane Crashes In South Mississippi
Mississippi authorities say a single-engine plane crashed near Wiggins injuring 3 people on board.Wiggins Fire Chief says two people on board the aircraft suffered significant injuries and a third person had minor injuries.Hatten said their injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.The injured are being treated at a hospital in Hattiesburg.Sheriff's deputies say the pilot tried to land ...
August 22 2014
Sherman man survives Mississippi plane crash
STONE COUNTY, MS -- A Sherman man is out of the hospital Friday after a plane he was in crashed Thursday evening.
August 22 2014
Driver, passenger injured in fiery wreck after fleeing DPS Trooper
NACOGDOCHES COUNTY (KYTX) -- Two people were hospitalized Wednesday after trying to escape a DPS trooper following a traffic stop.
August 22 2014
1990s murder rap based on debunked science tossed, man released after 24 years
US District Judge William Nealon threw out Han Tak Lee's state conviction and sentence of life without parole earlier this month and gave prosecutors 120 days to decide whether they want to retry him in the 1989 death of his daughter, 20-year-old Ji Yun Lee.
August 22 2014
Investigators Release Suspect Profile in Murder of Evansdale Cousins
EVANSDALE, Iowa – Investigators in Evansdale believe the person who abducted two girls in July 2012 is likely from the area. The information comes from newly released details about a profile developed by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, which develops profiles of suspects. Elizabeth Collins, 8, and Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10, disappeared from Evansdale while on a […]
August 22 2014
Prosecutors say it is time to bring Aurora murder case back to trial

Prosecutors are ready to bring an Aurora murder case involving Gareng Deng, who pleaded guilty to killing substance abuse counselor Marilyn Bethell, back to trial.
August 22 2014
Three men facing trial for murder

Three men are to stand trial charged with the murder of a 22-year-old man who died in North Ayrshire.
August 22 2014
Dangerous situation: Lack of shelter endangers domestic violence victims, local advocate says
Carroll County is home to multiple food pantries, an animal shelter, countless churches and many other charitable organizations.There is no doubt that the county's citizens care about others and...
August 22 2014
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